Potentials in SeCube Project structure

  • SeCube is a framework in which separate project work units can be created. In these project work units, licensed modules such as a functional building blocks can be activated.
  • As you can create numerous project working units, software functionality can be reused in accordance with Client goals. Of course access right management of the framework granularly controls accessibility of these projects. Potentials or goals can be:
  • Separated work unit for subsidiary companies
  • Independent simulations, ad-hoc one-off analyses
  • Training projects, sandboxes
  • More department units with independent goals or with different parameters
  • On-line backup of complete project states, for audit purposes

Modular structure, in a single integrated framework

  • Modules may even operate individually, yet at the same time they use each other’s output in a controlled and transparent way.
  • Therefore set of licensed modules can be assembled in accordance with Client needs and aims.

 Controlled and consistent results

  • Execution of activities under workflow control, the follow-up of work processes.
  • Extensive validation and consistency testing, for the correctness and integrity of results.
  • Transaction level logging capabilities, and even complete reset back to any certain point of time.

 Real customizability, standalone adaptability

  • Special focus is given to admin level customizability, thus establishing a minor dependency on developer for license holders.
  • Customizable configurations and scalable methodologies in order to suit Client’s specificities.
  • Adaptability to existing corporate asset recording logics and risk analysis methods.
  • Standalone adaptability proven by:
  • Free customizability of Inventory structure
  • Rule set of analytic and conclusion logics of the software is modifiable in order to map experts aims
  • Scalability of applied analysis (bia, risk) and planning (bcm) methodologies
  • Establishment of discretionary compliance requirements catalogs

 Identification and authentication

  • Optionally user management and authentication can be integrated with MS Active Directory, further more Single Sing On is applicable.
  • Option for two factor authentication.


  • Currently available languages: English and Hungarian

 Role based access rights management

  • Customizable role-based access rights management, creation of new roles at your discretion.
  • Access right of roles can be adjusted granularly for every function screen (no access, read only, modify, workflow rights).

Extensive logging and complete BackInTime capabilities

  • Transaction level application log capability
  • Full reset capability back to any state on the timeline, even just for audit or viewing purpose
  • Do not need to worry, transaction level logging and full restore capability do not burden database capacity!
  • SeCube framework has RFC Syslog standard logs. Standard format logs can be written directly to files or to Windows Application Event Log.
  • Standard format syslog enables SeCube independent collection of logs and suitable to instantly feed any SIEM or log analysis system.

Multiuser usage

  • Software allows simultaneous work of multiple users.
  • Software license does not limit number of user account.
  • Software license only limits the number of simultaneous user activities / sessions.