Purpose of the Governance module

Besides the analysis and planning functions, the software is explicitly aimed at the permanent supervision and maintenance of the information security management system. Continuous maintenance tasks are given a high-priority role in modules controlled by individual workflows, but information security functions spreading over to the target area of modules are located in the Governance module.

ISMS task management

  • Developed task management and calendar functions are available to overview the one-off, permanent and periodical tasks in the information security system.
  • Deadline warning and regular reminder e-mails can be configured in order to notify task responsible.

 Document management

  • You can manage your documents.
  • You can reference your documents in other functions of the software. You can revise references to your documents.

 Visual incident simulation

  • Visual incident simulations, ‘what if’ analyses with impact chains and business consequences.
  • Ad hoc or fictitious risk analyses.

 Recording security incidents

  • The security incidents of the organization are recorded in a history.
  • Incidents are taken into consideration in the course of risk analysis.

 Recording security exceptions

  • Various security exceptions can be recorded and managed. Security exceptions are temporary states of deviation from the security rules of the organization (e.g. providing temporary access for developers to production systems).
  • Security exceptions are taken into consideration in the course of risk analysis.

 Governance results

  • Overview of security tasks
  • Recording security incidents
  • Recording security exceptions