The purpose of the Inventory

The structure, functioning and essential resources required for the operation of the company can be registered and managed in the SeCube configuration database, that is, the so called “Inventory”. The configuration items defining the structure and operation of the organization can be sorted into hierarchies and relationships. The relationships and dependencies can be defined among items. The Inventory is the asset inventory of the information security management system (ISMS). The main groups of storable configuration items:

  • Organizational structure and human resources
  • Site structure
  • Inventory structure (physical and logical resources)
  • Data assets
  • Services and systems
  • Business and production processes
  • Security measures

Inventory provides necessary basis for workflow implemented in other SeCube modules. Completely filling up the Inventory is not a requirement. The lower limit of filling up is the minimum information demand of activities and objectives in other modules.

The Inventory function is available in every SeCube module without limitation.

Customizable structure

The structure of Inventory is fully flexible. The fundamental requirement set for the software was to ensure the full customizability of the Inventory, since companies of various industries have different instruments and models of operation.

  • Modifiable configuration items: The Inventory has a wide datasheet set (e.g. physical server, job description, process, virtual machine). Default datasheet can be fully customized, so the scope and type of registered data can be modified.
  • New configuration items: New datasheets can also be created and inserted as needed (e.g. radio tower, truck, PLC, fermenting vessel) into the operation model, and their dependency relations can be defined.

These capacities enable the software to do the mapping of the data structure of existing registries (e.g. data fields of existing server registry).

  • The Inventory has an extensive consistency check function. When modifying, the Inventory checks existing dependencies and structure, if the state following the change is consistent.

MS Excel addin extension

The upload and periodic update of data is not only supported with a web interface of the software, but also an MS Excel extension to facilitate mass data input. The Excel Addin is a SeCube extension to be installed under MS Excel with its own functionality. The Excel add-in component enables the online editing of Inventory data in Excel controlled by authentication and privilege management conditions. The Excel add-in has numerous benefits as part of the system, for example the following:

  • Excel export / import function
  • easy uploading of initial data in large quantities (exported from other systems)
  • interface role for communicating with other configuration registry systems
  • periodically implemented data upload from other systems
  • data modification in large quantities

Inventory results

The workflow of other modules are built on data stored in the Inventory.

  • Resource management and exportable registry
  • Dependencies can be reviewed on interactive graph diagrams