Our product has many satisfied client from the government segment and from the market as well. Our clients without exception own the ISO27001 certification or they are in the process to reach it.

  • Antenna Hungary Ltd.
  • ATEV protein processing Ltd.
  • Budapest Town XIII. district Mayor’s Office
  • Extreme Light Infrastructure – HU
  • General Directorate of Water Management
  • Government Office of Budapest Capital
  • Hungarian Central Statistical Office
  • Hungarian Intellectual Property Office
  • Hungarian National Assembly
  • Hungarian National Police Headquarter
  • Hungarian Public Railway Company
  • Hungarian Telekom
  • Komárom-Esztergom Country Government Agency
  • Metropolitan Public Domain Maintenance Private Company
  • MKK Hungarian Debt management
  • National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary
  • National Infrastructure Developer
  • National Research, Development and Innovation Office
  • National Toll Payment Services Plc.
  • Nuveric – USA
  • OTP Bank
  • S&T Consulting Hungary Kft.
  • Sberbank Hungary
  • Szeged Town of Country Rank Mayor’s Office
  • Talent World Group Plc.
  • Unified Digital Radio Communications System Provider – Hungary
  • Veszprém Town of Country Rank Mayor’s Office
  • Vodafone Hungary Ltd.

Besides the customers, the Information Management industry of KÜRT Ltd. uses the SeCube software successfully too.


    • Telecommunication
    • Research&Development
    • Transport
    • Govermental
    • IT services
    • Finance
    • Industry
    • Law enforcement

    Our outstanding reference sectors

    The planned control of information security is top priority in every sector. Thanks to this need, the SeCube GRC has varied references from different sectors.

    The supported compliance fields are wide-ranging, too. (for example: ISO27001, IBTV, LRTV, MNB, etc.)

    As an international cloud contact center, that supports all major languages in the world, employs home-based agents from 100+ countries and processes Fortune 500 clients’ data worldwide, our Data Protection and IT Security standards are extremely unique and must comply with every country’s respective regulations, including the EU GDPR.

    TalentWorldGroup is proud to have partnered, and work with KURT Zrt in various fields of IT Security including international Data Protection, Cybersecurity, GDPR Compliance, Incident Management and Business Continuity. Their modular designed IT GRC system, SeCube, enables our organization’s information security management system (ISMS) to be transparent and controllable.

    All our processes are deeply audited in every new accounts’ case and since our cooperation with Kurt and the implementation of their SeCube software, we pass our audits like hot knife through butter! Thank you, Kurt team, for the attention to all details, the professional and friendly customer service and trainings and the world-class bullet-proof solution! (Andrew Harmati, CEO – TalentWorldGroup Plc.)


    „For years now, we use the SeCube application to maintain our ISO 27001 certified security system. It helps us handle our information security, business availability and risk management task in a conformed, transparent fashion. In addition to all above, we use this software to maintain all the mandatory official tasks stated in the General Data Protection Rules.” (Zoltán Hegedűs, CISA, CISM, CRISC )


    “One of the main advantage of the SeCube software is that during a risk analysis we are able to monitor not just the availability of the resources producing the business data itself, but we are able to maintain and compare all the processes that take part in producing the data, as well as their relation to one and another. This, in our case provides the possibility of an exceptionally in-depth risk management.” (Csaba Váraljai)