Our product has received positive feedback from several satisfied market participants and government references. Almost all our SeCube Clients have ISO 27001 certification or they are already on the way of preparation. In addition to SeCube license owners, Information Management unit of Kürt Co. also successfully uses the software for its consultancy engagements.

  • Vodafone Hungary
  • Extreme Light Infrastructure – HU
  • Hungarian Public Railway Company
  • Unified Digital Radio Communications System Provider – Hungary
  • Hungarian Intellectual Property Office
  • Kürt Information Security Consulting and Data Recovery Company
  • Hungarian Central Statistical Office
  • Hungarian National Assembly
  • Nuveric – USA
  • Veszprém Town of Country Rank Mayor’s Office
  • National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary
  • Szeged Town of Country Rank Mayor’s Office
  • National Toll Payment Services Plc.
  • Komárom-Esztergom Country Government Agency
  • National Research, Development and Innovation Office
  • MKK Hungarian Debt management
  • Budapest Town XIII. district Mayor’s Office
  • Sberbank Hungary
  • National Infrastructure Developer
  • Antenna Hungaria
  • Government Office of Budapest Capital
  • Hungarian National Police Headquarter
  • General Directorate of Water Management
  • Talent World Group
  • ATEV protein processing Ltd.

“For many years we maintain our ISO 27001 certified information security management system with SeCube application, which allows us to manage our information security tasks, business continuity and risk management activities on an integrated and transparent manner. Furthermore we use SeCube software to carry out tasks required by the Hungarian Information Security Act.”  (Zoltán Hegedűs, CISA, CISM, Chief Information Security Officer, Hungarian Intellectual Property Office)

“One of the greatest advantages of SeCube is that risk assessment by the software does not only allow testing the availability of resources directly guaranteeing the creation of business data, but makes the interaction between the data creation processes and the various system elements, contributing to process operation, traceable. All this means an extraordinarily comprehensive and in-depth risk assessment process, being made available to us.” (Csaba Váraljai)