KÜRT Information Security and Data Recovery Co. has been present in the IT market since 1989. We offer innovative solutions, to prevent and eliminate IT disasters, and other potential system abuses and problems.

Our information management business is one of the most dominant players in the domestic market. In addition to the continuous development of our own products, our primary areas of expertise include risk analysis, project quality assurance, and extensive information security consulting.

Our Incident Management Team has unique knowledge and self-developed solutions in the field of ethical hacking. Our specialists have several official qualifications, including CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certificates. As a result of our expertise and self-developed methodology, we have implemented hundreds of successful information security projects during the recent years.

The purpose of our ethical hacking service is to support the attainment of the desired level of information security by preventing problems. The portfolio of KÜRT is well-known and successful worldwide. Our data recovery know-how has been purchased by the State of Vietnam and Egypt, our information security services are used by several countries, including member states of the European Union, and countries of the Middle East. 

KÜRT has been a profitable business since its establishment. Its owners are Hungarian individuals. Our professional work, HR policy, and CSR activities have been recognized by several professionals both in Hungary and abroad.